Powerful & Silent steam stations

Having well-ironed clothes is often a necessity for professional life.

Especially when we must present the perfect image.In this respect, there are solutions which give excellent results, even when faced with ironing nightmares: linen shirts and linen fabrics. This is exactly what steam stations do. Powerful, they smooth out all types of fabric quickly and effectively. As the water tank is separate from the iron, it makes the iron lighter. We save lots of time and reduce tiredness.

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Made in Rowenta

Thanks to Silence Steam by Rowenta a powerful but silent ironing is now possible.

The Silent Steam steam stations are no less ironing champions. Ready to use in just two minutes, significantly saving time, the steam stations ensure both rapid and quality ironing.

Inspired by professional technology, all Rowenta steam stations are equipped with a High Pressure boiler that generates a High Pressure steam that penetrates through several textile layers for a fast ironing and superb results.

Let’s discover the exclusive technology.